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THESE SURVEILLANCE PHOTOS TAKEN IN THAILAND WERE GIVEN TO VERITAS USA! by one of the victims of Thomas F. White/Thomas White and Nathan Lovaas*.

An ethical lawyer, who is gay was involved in the turnover of these photos. Decide for yourself what the body language depicted in these photographs reveals: Fun? Benevolence? Charity? Orů..?

The following surveillance photos taken in sequence creditably appear to be an older Caucasian foreign pedophile, Thomas F. White preying and pouncing on a young unsuspecting Thai boy.


The would be victim appears to be firmly rejecting White's advances and unwanted attention.



Concerned and decent people should be aware that the nation of Thailand is one of the most attractive hunting grounds sought out by pedophiles from America, Canada,Australia,Germany, Holland, England and other European countries.

Other Asian hunting grounds are the Philippines, Indonesia and Viet Nam.

*Nathan Lovaas, was the twenty eight year old pimp for White. In an unpublicized federal court case presided over by 9th circuit district court judge Charles Breyer, Lovaas was sentenced to federal prison.

These are a few of the surveillance photos of Thomas White's pimp

Breyer is the brother of Associate US Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer.

On August 16, 2005, Judge Breyer is scheduled to preside over a settlement involving the personal federal lawsuit filed by a young Latino victim--one of many--of Thomas White/ Thomas F. White the international sexual predator. Christina Arguedas was White's Lawyer. Arguedas is the lover of Lesbian activist Carole Migden, who as a San Francisco legislator, approved federal passthrough funding for the CUAV/ NAMBLA constituency in San Francisco City and County.

This calendar was last modified: 08/19/2005 11:15:12 AM US District Court, Northern District of California Judge Charles R. Breyer Courtroom 8, 19th Floor Barbara Espinoza Scheduling Information Friday (r)C-03-4035 Jose Roe v Thomas F. WhiteApproval of Settlement ----------- 2:30 PM

According to another victim of White,"James C. Hormel, another aging wealthy homosexual agenda activist, is also connected to this pedophile. Hormel's apparent public relations mouthpiece was the notorious Wayne Friday, a San Francisco employee involved in boyola, male prostitution promotion and publication of the homosexual agenda. Friday is reputed to be a male prostitute from Michigan, whoworked in New York, then migrated to San Francisco.

Badpuppy,a New Jersey based male prostitution genre corporation operates world wide and boasts of its connection to over 17,000 Internet websites. Badpuppy is also connected to CUAV/NAMBLA, The Triangle Foundation out of Michigan. Badpuppy has other degenerated connections to the international sex trade involving youth.

James C. Hormel has also surfaced in this case according to one of White's boy victims. Both Hormel and White are connected to XY MAGAZINE, an international NAMBLA pedophile magazine that runs ads offering boys as young as 16 years old.

Former Mayor George Christopher was alerted to these pedophile connections; in one of his last interviews with VERITAS USA, Mayor Christopher damned Art Agnos and James C. Hormel as "damned pedophiles!"

Wayne Friday, a corrupt homosexual employee of Terrance Hallinan is also connected to both wealthy deviates.

The Thomas F. White,Wayne Friday James C Hormel Juan Pifarre, Dr. Dean Freeman AKA "Dean the Ripper",Dean Swartzmiller, Brian Hennessy and James C. Hormel cases are indicative of the perverse extent of this sexual corruption and the suffering these young victims and their families bear.

Facts about these Predators and Promoters and Pushers of Pedophilia:

!.Thomas White/Thomas F. White, Juan Pifarre,Dr. Dean Freeman and Brian Hennessy all operated in the San Jose --San Francisco Sacramento areas of northern California.

2.According to one of White's teen aged victims, White and Hormel is involved with XY Magazine, a notorious NAMBLA pedophile publication

3.Thomas White, James Hormel and Juan Pifarre were all involved in banking, investments and homosexual media. The Hormel meat packing company operates in Argentina; the unanswered question remains: " where does the Hormel meat packing firm bank in Argentina? Banco de Provincia Buenas Aires, the oldest and most prominent bank in Argentina. The Pifarre family sits on the board of this controversial bank. Did Thomas White handle any of Hormel's investments?

4.Was Thomas White, the international investment banker involved with the Pifarre financial interests in Argentina?

5.Was Thomas White/Thomas F.White involved with Brian Hennessy? Dean Swartzmiller? Dr. Dean Freeman? Juan Pifarre? Brian Hennessy was another sexual predator, who preyed on hispanic boys. Hennessy, a 250 pound thug was killed while seducing a 17 year old hispanic.

6. Are there any other sexual predators walking free who were involved with White, Hormel, Pifarre, Swartzmiller,Freeman Hennesey?

These politically and judicially connected sexual predators and their associates often get immunity because of their connection to corrupt politicians, media and judges.

Biographical Expertise note: In 1970, Peter Paul (Verzola) was a legal researcher and investigator, who covered in San Francisco, the President Nixon Public Hearings on Pornography industry in the US.

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