1970 Through 2001:

The Known Body Count of American Military,
CIA, and Diplomatic Personnel killed While Off-duty.


June 10, 1970- Army MAJ Robert Perry- killed in Amman, Jordan

July 31, 1970- USAID Adviser Dan Mitrione kidnapped and murdered in
Montevideo, Uruguay

March 2, 1973-US Ambassadors Cleo Noel JR, and George Moore assassinated
At Saudi Arabian Embassy in Khartoum, Sudan

April 13, 1974- CMDR Leland Dobler, LT Charles Jeffries, and CAPT TJ
Mtichell found murdered in Subic Bay, Philippines

April 13, 1974- CN Patrick Brown, electrocuted to death in Okinawa, Japan

January 27, 1975-Alex Berger, Frank Connor, Jim Gezork, Harold Sherburne
Killed in bombing of Fraunces Tavern in New York City

May 21, 1975-Air Force Personnel-COL Paul Shaffer and LTC Jack Turner
Shot and killed in Tehran, Iran

December 23, 1975-CIA Officer Richard Welch shot and killed in Athens,

August 18, 1976-Army Personnel-MAJ Arthur Bonifas and LT Mark Barrett
Hacked to death in North Korea

November 21, 1979-CW3 Bryan Ellis (ARMY) and CPL Steven Crawley (Marines)
Killed in assault on US Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan

December 3, 1979- US Navy Sailors CTO1 John Ball and RM3 Emil White
Killed in ambush on Navy bus in San Juan, Puerto Rico

April 16, 1980- BMCM Sam Novello shot and killed in Istanbul, Turkey

November 15, 1980- Air Force SGT William Herrington shot and killed on
Adana, Turkey

January 18, 1982- Army LTC Charles Ray shot and killed in Paris, France

September 30, 1982- Marine CPL David Reagan killed by a bomb at Beirut
Airport in Beirut, Lebanon

April 18, 1983- 17 people including one Marine and three Army personnel
Killed in bombing of US Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon

May 25, 1983- LT CMDR Albert Schaufelberger assassinated in San Salvador,
El Salvador

October 16, 1983- Marine CPT Michael Ohler shot by a sniper in Beirut,

October 23, 1983- 219 Marines, 18 Sailors, and 4 Army Soldiers killed in
Bombing of Marine Barracks in Bierut, Lebanon

November 15, 1983 - Navy Capt George Tsantes shot and killed in Athens,

January 8, 1984- Marine CPL Edward Gargano killed in ambush in Beirut,

March 16, 1984- Political Officer William Buckley kidnapped and murdered
In Beirut, Lebanon

September 20, 1984 - Army WO2 Kenneth Welch and Navy Intelligence
Specialist Michael Wagner were killed in a bombing of US Embassy Annex in
Aukar, Lebanon

February 7 1985- DEA Agent Enrique Salazar tortured and killed in
Guadalajara, Mexico

March 24, 1985- Army MAJ Arthur Nicholson JR was shot and killed in
Ludwigslust, East Germany

June 14, 1985- Navy Diver CB2 (DV) Robert Stethem executed on TWA Flight
847 in Beirut, Lebanon

June 19, 1985- Marines SGT Bobby Dickson, SGT Thomas Handwork, CPL

Patrick Kwiatkowski and CPL Gregory Weber killed in bombing of a Chili's
Restaurant in San Salvador, El Salvador

August 8, 1985- AM1 Frank Scorton (Air Force), SP4 Edward Pimental (Army)
And Becky Jo Bristol killed in car bombing on Rhein-Main Air Base in West

April 5, 1986 - SGT Kenneth Ford and SGT James Goins killed in bombing of
A discotheque in West Berlin, West Germany

March 31, 1987- Army SFC Gregory Fronius killed in El Salvador

October 28, 1987- Air Force SGT Randy Davis, AM1 Steven Faust, and
Herculano Mangente (RET USAF) shot and killed outisde Clark Air Force
Base in Philippines

December 26, 1987- GSM3 Ronald Strong killed in bombing of USO Club in
Barcelona, Spain

February 17, 1988- Marine LTCOL Rich Higgins kidnapped in Beirut, Lebanon
(Declared dead in July 1990)

June 28, 1988- Navy CAPT William Nordeen killed by a car bomb in
Kifissia, Greece
December 21, 1988- 198 Americans killed in bombing of Pan Am Flight 103

December 21, 1988- 193 Americans from flight 103
April 21, 1989- Army COL James Rowe assassinated in Manila, Philippines

September 26, 1989- Ford Aerospace Technicians Donald Buchner (RET USAF)
And William Thompson (RET USAF) murdered outside Clark Air Base,

May 13, 1990- AM John Raven and AM John Green found murdered outside of
Clark Air Base, Philippines

March 12, 1991- Air Force SGT Ronald Stewart killed by a bomb in Athens,

January 25, 1993- Lansing Bennett and Frank Darling killed outside CIA
Headquarters in Langley, Virginia

February 26, 1993- 6 died in bombing of World Trade Center in New York

March 8, 1995- Consulate Secretary Jackie VanLandingham and CIA
Communications Technician Gary Durell killed in Karachi, Pakistan

April 19, 1995- 168 people die in bombing of Murrow Building in Oklahoma
City, Oklahoma

April 19, 1995- 53 people from OKC Bombing

November 13, 1995- 5 people killed in car bombing in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

June 25, 1996- 19 people killed in bombing of Khobar Towersin Dharan,
Saudi Arabia

July 27, 1996- Alice Hawthorne killed in a bomb explosion at the 1996
Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia

November 27, 1997- Ephraim Egbu, Joel Enlow, William Jennings and Tracy
Ritchie shot and killed in Karachi, Pakistan

August 7, 1998 - 12 Americans died in bombing of US Embassy in Nairobi,

October 12, 2000- 17 sailors die in the bombing of the USS Cole in Aden,

January 30, 2001- Ronald Sander killed in Sucumbios Province, Ecuador

September 11, 2001- Pentagon - 125 People (22 Army, 33 Navy, 70



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