California State Supreme Court Justices Involved in the Nary Case

Ronald George

Stanley Mosk (dec.)

Marvin Baxter

Kathryn Werdegar

Janice Rogers Brown

Ming Chin

Joyce Kennard

Dateline August 1999---

California State Supreme Court Justice Ronald George and his Associate Justices Stanley Mosk, Marvin Baxter, Kathryn Mickle Werdegar, Ming W. Chin, Janice Rogers Brown and Joyce Kennard received the first filing of the Nary habeas corpus case. It was filed with the California State Supreme Court before local San Francisco's District Attorney Terence Hallinan and his corrupt Assistant D.A., John M. Farrell, filed Nary's criminal case in Ryan's courtroom.

Ronald George, his Associate Judges, their principal staff attorney, Beth Jay, as well as their court administrator, Fredrick K. Ohlrich, and the other staff attorneys had this notorious case and the applicable and mandatory Federal law set before them. But because of the homosexual, lesbian, transgendered, anti-Boy scouts, gay marriage and anti-US Military attitude, these malfeasors defied the Federal law. They repeatedly failed to follow their own procedures in this case.

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